Art For Charity

If you’d like to acquire one of my paintings, there are a number of them available Pablo Center. There are no prices. You set the price and 100% of the proceeds go to Beacon House, a homeless shelter here in Eau Claire. Please spread the word and help do some good.

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The Boat

Today I’m getting a start on weathering the boat keel for the current painting. Next I’ll prep/mount the cladding. Eventually I’ll submerge the whole thing in water, freeze it, put it in the oven & start it on fire (among other things) before placing it in the painting.



I started this painting more than two years ago and am at last beginning to see its outcome.

Today I’m checking the proportions and relationship between the wooden boat and the painted surface. Long way to go on each, but I’m very happy with how things are turning out.


New Painting Video

Here’s a quick Instagram tour of a 2’x2′ painting on panel in progress. I imagine this will take much of the winter to complete: