Creating the Vault

Currently working on the vault of the structure of the current painting. Very challenging, but after much experimentation I’ve settled on using 1/8″ thick MDF material over 1/2 a cardboard roll to recreate the tiled roof. The tiles in this case are cut to 3/8 inches square with a 12 degree bevel to ensure a somewhat tight fit. Once fitted, I’ll sand the tiles smooth and paint them to match the plaster sides.

Current Project

Personal Structures – Identities, Venice Biennale 2019

I’m so honored to be participating in Personal Structures – Identities in Venice, Italy next week!




Art For Charity

If you’d like to acquire one of my paintings, there are a number of them available Pablo Center. There are no prices. You set the price and 100% of the proceeds go to Beacon House, a homeless shelter here in Eau Claire. Please spread the word and help do some good.

Inquire at

Personal Structures at The Venice Biennale

I’m very excited to announce that I have been invited to participate in PERSONAL STRUCTURES organized by the GAA Foundation and hosted by the European Cultural Centre in Venice Italy during the Venice Biennale, 2019.

This small work was chosen:

In Broad Daylight – Foundations Near Hughitt Slip – Łódź. 12″x12″ each.

I want to express my thanks to all involved, especially to artists Jo Ellen Burke and Terry Meyer who took it upon themselves to organize this Go Fund Me page on my behalf. Thank you all who have contributed!

Thank you to Volume One for this writeup.

And a special thank you to Al Ross and Wisconsin Public Radio for this interview.

More about this soon…






Sinking and Burning the Boat

Very excited to be at this point in the painting. I prepped & “sunk” the boat last night. A beautiful day at 46°F to spend under the sky. I have my work cut out for me now.

Video can bee seen at my Instagram.