Allouez Ore Dock Ramps

Here are the no longer active Allouez Ore Dock rampsĀ in Superior, Wisconsin. I took this photo in 1997 and based numerous paintings on this place, and still I feel I’ve not even scratched the surface.


Pigeon Town

From a 1910 newspaper clipping from Superior, Wisconsin:

“Even when deaths are reported, fumigation is not done unless specially requested. With 42 deaths this year, not more than 15 possible fumigations of tuberculous houses have been made and there is no record of any. An average of 23 fumigations per month is made in cases of diphtheria, scarlet fever, typhoid fever, etc., but in this contagious disease, which has more deaths annually than all the others put together, not one fumigation is reported.”

15+ years ago I made a painting based on this clipping, and seeing it now I am every bit as fascinated by it as I was then.